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The Artest Foundation

Our mission is to empower and cultivate the youth by coaching and teaching them life skills they can apply through our
Three Pillars:


  • Tournaments

  • League Participation

  • Open Court

  • Recreational Play

  • Training & Mentorship



  • Scholarships

  • Time Management

  • Financial Literacy

Mental Health

  • Workshops

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Breathwork

  • Stress Reduction

Meet The Board of Directors

Kirsten Franklin


Mike Mumola


Jon Heinemann


Alycia Powell

General Member

Our Founder
& Executive Director

Meet Ron Artest Sr.
With over 10 years of dedication to the Queensbridge area Ron Artest Sr. aka "Big Ron" has been a conduit for change in not only his community but in underserviced communities nation-wide.

Throw us an assist!

Join A Commitee

We are expanding with your help here is a list of our commitees:
Development & Fundraising, Budget & Finance, Mental Health, Sportsmanship, Education & Marketing.

Make A Donation

Every penny counts and it all goes towards a cause that will continue to benefit everyone involved from years to come! Your donation pays for every game, uniform, and opportunity for our kids!
Thank You!

Sponsor a Program

From, Basketball, to our Mental Health workshops, we offer resources. If you or your company would like to sponsor a specific program please email the Executive Director, Ron Artest, Sr. to learn more.

Make A Difference Today

Be a part of our Story!

For years we’ve done things with the help of a few donors but with your support we can expand the programs, get more students on the right path, and change our communities for the better!
So if you have any more questions for us please fill out our form and leave a message.

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The Artest Superstar Line Up!

We are looking to provide more services that focus on providing more empowerment and opportunities for our students as well as non athletes! At The Artest Foundation we believe everyone is on the same team and we can win if we all just play our hardest and do our very best! Come be a part of our team and help us win big with all the little ones.

Back 2 Basics

A Sneaker Drive 24/7 - 365! We will be collecting donations for all ages as constant reminder that the basics build a better foundation for the future.
Donate now!

Unity & Uniforms

We believe confidence is a big factor in success and image is a big factor in confidence! At The Artest Foundation, Uniforms have always created unity and we want to keep that tradition going with your help and our giveaway: Unity and Uniforms!

Artest University Scholarship Fund

Artest University is starting a scholarship fund for high school students going to college! Get involved and help a child in need today!


Hope lives through helping yourself is a company brand of conscious gaming gear that gives back.

Please come be a part of our game night advocating for mental health and wellness- get some stress out with challenging mental stimulation!
Dates TBA

    Back2Basics Sneaker Drive

    Monday is game time!
    Come join us for a day of fun and #education! #Back2basicsTAF is going to be a day for the history books! Festivities include a celebrity basketball game, contests and more!

    MON, AUG 30TH 2021
    2PM ET - 6PM ET
    21-12 30th Rd, Astoria, NY 11102